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We are a Southern California based Title Search Company, using state-of-the-art technology with a paperless philosophy, to search faster and more efficiently.After hour service available 24/7.

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Visit our Signing Service website for more information on additional services we provide.Notarize 247

Web Based Software

We have state of the art software where you can enter your orders, upload documents, and track all the vital details of your orders.

24/7 Open For Orders

We are available to receive orders 24/7, 365 days a year. There is always a friendly voice to answer the phone.

Vendor package

Click the link to download our Vendor Package.Vendor Package

On-Line Support is Fast, Easy & Secure.

Utilizing advanced cloud-based tools and technology,we offer an accurate,efficient,and secure title searching process.

Login to our website from anywhere and easily submit requests.

Controllable & Traceable

Email Confirmations between abstractor and clients are automatically sent at each phase of our process at order entry,abstractor assignment and order completion.We track your orders to ensure a timely return.


Our abstractors will comply with your specific instructions and meet your requirements for additional or special needs.

Stay In Loop

View status updates and monitor all of your orders, at evey stage, on one convenient viewing screen.


Our Quality Control Team tracks your documents eliminating errors.


Quicker title searches mean faster closings and increased profits.


We can provide skilled onsite staff to understand and meet your special needs.

Nationwide Coverage

We offer nationwide services and can be extremely flexible to customize work flow or Title Search formats that meet you needs. Here are some of the Title Search services we offer:

Current Owner
Current Owner less taxes & assessment
Five Year Lien Search
We also offer Nationwide 24/7 Notary Services
Twenty-Five Year Lien Search
Commercial Current Owner
Full Search

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